Our mission is to advance renewable energy – starting with superior energy capacity Lithium-ion batteries.

We are reimagining the way batteries store energy for enhanced performance and efficiency.
About Us

Tetron is inseparably aligned with sustainability.

At Tetron, we believe that our planet’s future hinges on humanity’s ability to transition to sustainable energy generation and consumption. Lithium-ion batteries play a pivotal role in that process.

At it score, Tetron is a company focusing on developing Lithium-ion batteries that store and deliver more energy while using raw materials that have less of an impact on our precious and delicate environment.

We believe in an abundant future, a future where Lithium-ion batteries not only allow us to get more productivity out of renewable energy sources such as wind and solar but also electric vehicles and consumer electronic devices.


Leaping into the future.

Lithium-ion batteries have revolutionized many industries but they could be better. They could do more. Tetron’s cathode technology offers a sustainable way to drastically boost their performance and squeeze more energy out of them.

Power to change everything. At Tetron, we are developing a cutting-edge multivalent additive specifically engineered to maximize performance and offer a whole new take on what Lithium-ion batteries can do.

Our additive will not require retooling of preexisting battery manufacturing facilities. As a result, our cathode technology can be rapidly and economically deployed into the next generation of Lithium-ion batteries.

The future of Lithium-ion batteries is here.

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